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The Australian Government has developed a user friendly, informative website (myagedcare.gov.au) to assist families with information regarding Aged Care in Australia.

As a quick reference guide, the admission process for Kellock Lodge will look like this:

  1. Assessing your eligibility for Aged Care

Before you are able to become a resident at Kellock Lodge you will need to contact My Aged Care on Ph 1800 200 422. They will arrange an appointment for you to have a Comprehensive Aged Care Assessment.  The will identify the best type of care for your individual needs.

            After this appointment you will be sent two letters

            One letter will have a referral code which is important to be able to access support services like home care, respite or residential care.

            The second letter will advise which services you have received approval for.

  1. Contact Kellock Lodge for an interview

After your Comprehensive Aged Care Assessment, we would love to meet with you to discuss your care requirements and show you through our facility.

  1. Working out the cost.

Our operations are controlled by the requirements of the Aged Care Act 1997. Fees and charges are those prescribed by the Austrailan Government Department of Health and apply to all residential Aged Care facilites in Australia. Our Chief Executive Officer, Donna Walsh is able to assist with the most up-to-date information in this regard. 

  1. Application for Respite Care or Permanent Entry into an Aged Care Home

This application needs to be completed and given to Kellock Lodge to register your interest in residency with us.

Due to the community need within the Murrindindi Shire, Kellock Lodge do have a waiting list for admission.  We understand that this process can be frustrating and it is difficult to predict how long someone will be on the list.  As each vacancy arises, applications are assessed according to individual care requirements, living arrangements and multiple risk factors.  We take into consideration the length of time someone has been on the waiting list but this is not a high priority.

  1. Moving and settling into Kellock Lodge.

We ask that a relative or friend accompany residents on admission to our facility. This provides additional moral support during relocation and allows for personal representation, particularly in relation to individual likes and dislikes. If this is not possible we ask that someone close to the resident visits the facility shortly after admission.

An orientation is provided to each new resident and their family to assist in adjusting to their new living environment.