About Us


Kellock Lodge is an accredited and certified residential aged care facility, operating in a sustainable way.

Mission Statement

"Quality and ethical aged care is provided within a safe friendly environment."


  • Accountability to community

  • Responsible governance

  • A safe and secure, homelike environment

  • Respect of choice and dignity

  • Meeting professional standards


At Kellock Lodge Alexandra, our objectives are simple. To provide people with accommodation facilities and services in a manner which promotes:

  • Dignity, purpose and real meaning in their lives

  • Decision making, self care, self reliance and assistance in the maintenance of all people in the way most appropriate to their needs

  • Family relationships, companionship and genuine inter-personal relationships

  • An awareness of the value of people in residential care

  • Short term (respite) and long term needs

  • Integration with the local community and maintains a full accreditation at all times under current legislation.